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The Weather Channel
Chicago-O'Hare, IL Doppler

Intellicast -
Chicago Radar Image
Chicago Radar Loop
Chicago Radar Summary
Chicago Precipitation Image

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Current Water Vapor Image
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Arlington Heights

CNN Weather

The Weather Channel
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Tom Skilling's Weather

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Chicago Tribune | Weather
Chicago Sun-Times ( Sun-Times Traffic/Weather
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USAToday | Weather
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EarthWatch StormWatch®
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Univ. of South Carolina Tide Heights
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EarthWatch StormWatch®
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Other Weather Link

WELCOME to the Weather Center from Apriori, Inc. You have found helpful information about seasons and the effect of weather on human performance with links to government, commercial and educational weather sites. Current conditions and forecasts are located in the left margin.

Arlington Heights Weather
(our favorite weather site ... the best site for assessing current conditions and forecasts for the hometown for Apriori, Inc)
What is the weather forecast for Arlington Heights? Around Town
(mega-shopping & service directory)

Click Here to go to the Multi-service Forecast Page.
Go Direct to
W1 - with NWS discussion.

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Today's Weather

Weather & Sky Highlights presented by

Apriori, Inc. Weather Data Center
Means and Extremes for each month from the National Weather Service. Includes sunrise and sunset times for the 1st and 15th of each month.

... from Amazon:

Twister VHS

Twister DVD

Chicago Weather Story
A narrative summary of seasons, heating and cooling, precipitation and storms typical of Chicago's weather. The page includes a large graphic table which includes monthly information regarding Sunrise/Sunset times, Temperature Means and Extremes, Indoor and Outdoor Relative Humidity, Cloud Cover, Precipitation, Snowfall, Air Pressure, Wind Speed/Direction, Lake Michigan Surface Temperature, and Allergy Season Information. To exclude the graphic table and read the narrative only, click
Chicago Weather Story (Text Only).

Severe Weather
For storm preparedness, check the following links:
NWS Severe Weather Awareness, National Weather Radio and NWS Storm Ready. For tornado information, see Tornado Project Online. Also check the Chicago Weather Extremes table for information on extreme heat, cold, and precipitation.

The Weather -- Its Effect on Health and Human Performance
Does Aunt Pam's foot really predict the weather?
How does the weather affect baseball and football ( Look here for important information on the effect of weather extremes (heat and cold) on the human body, precautions, clothing tips, and training tips. See Environmental Physiology in the Personal Trainer's Guide. See also Heat Index and Wind Chill information.

Weather Education
Check out
Automated Weather Source which has a network of weather stations from various schools. Herre is the station report from Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire. Also check on The Weatherbug site.

Introduction to Meteorology from Alistair B. Fraser, Penn State University.

Weather Research
For information about weather and the commodity market, check out
TradeWinds from Freese-Notis Weather. For information on all aspects of severe weather, check out the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL). For information on the climate and weather records, check the Climate Diagnositics Center (CDC). To view or get online data from CDC, click here. The Space Environment Center (SEC) shows solar activity, which can affect radio communications. Advisories are also posted. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the mission of describing and predicting changes in the Earth's environment and wisely conserving and managing the Nation's coastal and marine resources. The Official NOAA Climate Forecasts page shows the maps of the United States with a key of ABOVE, BELOW, and CLIMATOLOGICALLY NORMAL.

Weather Experts
Joe Bastardi | BIO (AccuWeather)
Tom Skilling (WGN-TV)
Weather Channel On-Camera Meteorologists

Tonight's Sky
Take time to enjoy the night sky. Each year the night sky is remarkably the same like a clock, but just a little different. Each month shows most stars and planets in a slightly different position. Keep an eye on the major planets and the phases of the Moon -- they move the most. The consistency of the sky, its beauty and slight surprises are very relaxing. Athletes have to rest, too! Check out
StarDate Online's Monthly Stargazing Page from the University of Texas.

Another great site is the Skywatching Center from Earth & Sky radio series.

The Weather and Astronomy on the Internet
Recommendations for learning about the Weather and Astronomy on the Internet. Look here for scientific and educational sites.

Digitized Sky Survey and Hubble Site from the Space Telescope Science Institute (ST ScI).

Leonid Meteor Shower
NASA MAC (Multi-instrument Aircraft Campaign)
International Meteor Organization

Astronomy Picture of the Day | Archives
Earth Observatory
Map Tracking Shuttle and Satellites | NASA Liftoff to Space Exploration (includes detailed tracking). J-Track 3D show most satellite orbits (Warning: Computer Intensive)
Near-Earth Object Program
Space Shuttle
Space Shuttle Future Missions

StarDate Online (as heard on NewsRadio 780)
Universe: Origins and Evolution

Auroral Activity
Northern Hemisphere (Enlarge View) from SEC
Geophysical Institute Auroral Activity Forecast
Current Geophysical Institute Auroral Forecast
Current Geophysical Institute Auroral Forecast
The Aurora Page

Compare these two links to predict the chance of Auroral Activity in North America:
North America Map
Planetary K-Index Graph from ground-based magnetometers or see this graph embedded in Today's Space Weather Page.

For effects on Earth, see NOAA Scales.

Mauna Kea Observatory (University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy)

Sky Image Galleries
Aurora Borealis Photo Gallery (South Dakota) (Astronomy and Weather Images)
Skyscapes (Aurora Photography)



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