No Way to Finish a Party

We did it again! Ten years ago personal trainer and former paramedic Mark Bostrom was asked by Hersey High School Coach Harvey Foster to produce an assembly that would prepare students for prom in an unusual way. Faculty and parents were alarmed at alcohol-related accidents across the country that were killing and injuring people -- they wanted to let high school students know the dangers of drinking and driving.

Spring Semester, 1986 ... After a couple of meetings with Harvey Foster and the members of S.A.D.D. (Students Against Driving Drunk*), the decision was made to run a student assembly to show how quickly a fun party can turn to disaster when carelessness and alcohol are combined with driving. A script was written by Mark Bostrom, who recalled his paramedic days and sought the medical consultation of Stanley M. Zydlo, M.D., project medical director of Emergency Medical Services for the northwest suburbs of Chicago. The one-hour assembly begins with a realistic party and simulated beer drinking on the main gym floor. Eerily, the gym scene turns into an Emergency Room with nurses and doctors listening intently and replying to telemetry radio voices of paramedics urgently reporting conditions of incoming patients. Incredibly, some of the students that were just all dressed up and looking great for a night out are now wheeled in by paramedics with the worst of conditions you read about on the front page of the local newspaper. The lifesaving techniques of emergency medical personnel are simulated on the "injured" students. It looks very real. The assembly was a success and was repeated immediately prior to Homecoming on September 24, 1996.

Here are a few scenes from the John Hersey High School S.A.D.D. Assembly for Prom in June, 1986.

 Party in the gym...

 ...Patient #1 is rushed into the Emergency Room

... Patient #2 is evaluated by a physician and 2 nurses.


Thanks again to the following real emergency personnel:

Northwest Community Healthcare
Arlington Heights Fire Department
Arlington Heights Police Department
Mount Prospect Fire Department
Prospect Heights Fire Department

Special thanks also to:
Barbara Richardson, Lake County Coroner
Harvey Foster, Hersey Coach
Stanley M. Zydlo, M.D.
Arl Hts Village President Arlene Mulder

 Dr. Zydlo prepares to intubate...

Time to take care of a leg injury after stabilizing Patient #3.

Comments from Mark Bostrom:
"Producing this assembly really tears me up because part of me wants to get the message out, but another part wants to forget about the whole messy topic. One of my best friends from high school, Steve Gates, was killed by a drunk driver during his sophomore year at Miami of Ohio. On a cold winter night in 1978, as I arrived back to my college dorm from Christmas break, I got a call from a mutual friend. She said that my friend from rival Hersey High School had just been killed by a drunk driver. Steve was killed while he helped someone fix a flat tire on the side of the road in Ohio.

Steve and I met in the waiting room of our doctor's office while waiting to get a sports physical. I graduated from nearby Arlington High School (now closed). Coincidentally we unwittingly showed up at the same time at the house of that mutual friend (it's not what you're thinking) and we were friends ever since."

Just so you have the lingo correct,
*SADD is the acronym for Students Against Driving Drunk. New Name in May 1998: Students Against Destructive Decisions
MADD is the acronym for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

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Click here for the Apriori, Inc. press release for the September, 1996 Hersey Assembly.





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