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Mark Bostrom is a Chicago area fitness, technology and ergonomics consultant. To send a question about exercise physiology, biomechanics, health promotion, sports performance or general comments or suggestions about the Aprioriathletics.com web site, Send Mark a message. We'll be posting replies here regularly. We don't routinely send answers back by personal e-mail, except for dialogue to clients.

Before sending a question, you might want to check if the question is already here. If you don't find the answer, send us your question. Questions are answered by Mark Bostrom, M.S. (exercise physiology) -- a paramedic turned fitness consultant with over 15 years experience consulting orthopedic specialists and fitness consumers. Remember, answers shouldn't substitute the advice of a medical doctor because the lack of physician guidance in a worst case scenario could cause serious illness to go undetected with grave consequences. We reserve the right to reject questions or refer questions to your physician or other agencies.

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