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Workout Essentials

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Workout Overview
Most workouts last anytime from 10 minutes to 90 minutes. There are hard workouts and easy workouts. There are fat reduction workouts, sports specific workouts, bodybuilding workouts, strength workouts, stress reducing workouts, and workouts for health promotion and wellness. Take into account these different goals for workouts or combinations of workouts and then consider that each individual responds a little differently to exercise. You have the possibility of a lot of different type of workouts. This is where individuals get 'personal' programming for workouts -- different combinations of sets, reps, intensity levels, cardio, anaerobic, flexibility, etc.
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Body & Muscle Map
In order to understand a workout, it certainly helps to have body awareness. You need to learn some of your muscles and what they do and how they act -- their capabilities and vulnerabilities.
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Fueling your body for workouts means that you understand how food and supplements help your alertness and mood, help you re-charge to prevent or minimize future soreness and lack of energy, help give you the resources for strong bones and adapting muscles, help your immune system and help your other body systems work properly to prevent diseases, such heart disease, cancer and diabetes.
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To understand rest, you need to have a good understanding of the causes of fatigue. There are many types of rest, including: sleep, rest between sessions, rest between sets, injury rest, and active rest.
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